Sunday, November 15, 2009

Splendora Craft Fair

On Saturday Natalie & I had a booth at the Splendora Countryside Methodist Church Craft Fair. Don't know where Splendora is? Why, it's right between New Caney & Cleveland---Texas! LOL! It's outside of Houston about a 45 minute drive from the northwest side of town. My brother is the pastor at this church and invited me to join the craft fair.

While the day was not very successful for me financially (that's an understatement, really), it was a fun day and the church was able to raise a lot of money for ministries. This church is a very small "country" church, but has been active in the community and today I saw even more how the Christians in this small town have become united to help one another, even though doctrines may vary. I was glad to hear that the craft fair was a success for the church. I also enjoyed meeting many lovely people from Splendora and neighboring communities.

While I was slaving away (ha, ha!), Natalie was clowning around. Here's evidence! "Teacup" the clown recruited her to go out & dance in the street to pull people into the fair. She was quite reluctant (while she is a ham around her friends & will dance before a huge crowd, it has to be in her comfort zone or it's a no go), but Teacup was persistent. If you click on this picture, it will open up large enough for you to see Teacup & Natalie.

See this lovely hat? By the time we left Natalie was a master balloon shaper. Well, maybe not, but she had at least 10 different shapes. I'll have to take pictures of some of those later. Yes, she brought them home.

Teacup had the kids, and any willing adults, do the "Cha Cha Slide" dance several times.

Now for the items I had for sale. This is my table of goodies.

Next is my Bag Tree. My friend Danette let me borrow her Basket Tree from her Longaberger Consultant days. Little Dork Story: Natalie was assembling the tree. I looked over & the pegs were all slanted downward. Also, they seemed so close to the ground. I could not get the bags to stay on & wondered how she ever got baskets to stay on that tree. It finally hit me: We had the center pole in upside down. When we turned it over, the pegs were slanted up AND were close to the top! LOL!

This is a new style I just found last week. I really like this style bag.

Here's a Purse Organizer. I need to get some better pictures so I can show you how this works. It has many pockets to fill. You put your purse fillings inside, roll it up, and drop it in your bag. When it's time to change purses, no more dumping it all out: just grab the organizer & drop it into your new purse!

I DO have blog candy coming up soon! Keep watching!


Lisa Lara said...

Beautiful bag tree Lori. How fun, your time at the craft fair.

BethH said...

Lori, this is such a cute set up. I really like the pig wands, post it note holders...some really cute stuff on your table. The bag tree is neat too..what a great tool to show off your stuff. Cute, cute!!!