Friday, October 31, 2008

First Card order COMPLETED!

I just finished my big 40 card order. I love how they turned out. I normally don't put this much detail into cards, but this is the type card she saw on ebay I was selling. I was so excited to have an order that I gave her a very low price. I will sell cards like this for $2-$3 with the detail in them.

Next week I'll try making some more for fun and show those to you!

Here are the outsides of all the different styles I made, and a few of the insides. I love how the little corner pieces really set off the inside!


Lindam530 said...

Wow Beth, your cards are georgeous!
And beautiful too!

Chef Mama said...

Thanks, Linda. You dork, I am Lori! LOL! You made me laugh!

BethH said...

How funny about Linda's comment! Hehehhe.....I WISH my cards looked like these! Ha! So pretty, Lori. You did a great detailed and the insides are super duper. My insides are blank! LOL! You go! I'd for sure charge $3 for these. Really gorgeous!