Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some of my cards

The other "half" of my crafting involves paper. Lots of paper! I love paper. I can remember making paper chains as a little girl to hang on the Christmas tree. I was always challenged to try to cut out paper dolls without them falling apart. I loved to do snowflakes, and again, I had to remember which way to fold to keep it from being snow drops! My biggest love in paper is putting a rubber stamp into an ink pad, then pressing it onto a piece of cardstock. Voila! The concept is so simple. Each time I print the same image several times, I think, "This is so cool!" I wonder if Gutenberg thought that when he invented the printing press in the 1400's. Though, even 600 years ago, I believe the printing press is more advanced than what I do with a single stamp!

Here are some samples of cards I've made over the years. I'm working on a slew of fall/Thanksgiving cards. I have already received an order to make 40 cards! When I finish these, I'll get to work on Christmas cards. Hope you enjoy some of these samples!

With the exception of the chef card, the images are all from Stampin' Up. The chef is from Stamping Bella.

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BethH said...

Oh, how cute! I love them all but that Bella is adorable with turkey in hand! Great cards, Miss Lori!