Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy making cards!

I have been out of town, but I was busy making cards for my first card order while we were gone. My dear friend Kathy was with us and helped me create layouts for the images I'd stamped. I'll be posting pictures of these when I finish them.

This is a VERY busy week. We (the girls & I) were out of town from Wednesday afternoon til Sunday at 9 pm. We had an unexpected flat tire yesterday that had to be replaced. Thankfully Phil, my husband, had come up for the weekend (we were at his mom's house), so he did the manly job of putting on the spare for me.

That started our week off "behind" from the get go. Tuesday is our homeschool co-op day, Friday is "Hallelujah Day" (just my name for Halloween!) when we send the kids out to beg for candy, and Saturday I have a Pampered Chef booth and will take along cards to sell. At some time amongst those events, I will make a pumpkin outfit for Natalie's Build-a-Bear Bear, not to be confused with her Build a Bear Dog (a beagle named Bagel). If I can get sizes for these critters, I'd like to add these to items I make to sell.

I'll try to pop in with pictures soon of this week's creations. For now, I will share some of the costumes from the past that I've made for the girls. The poodle skirts were made for all the girls in dance class, and my friend Kathy came to my rescue and helped me cut poodles!

And here is the REAL Natalie!

Happy crafting!

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BethH said...

What lovely girls! :)