Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twirly Skirt

Pretend you don't see the ugly ironing board cover (yes, I need a new cover AND better pad on it). Now pretend this is hemmed and has elastic in the top. NOW pretend it is being worn by one of these 3:
2 Great-Nieces, 1 I claim as a Great-Niece, and another baby girl on the way! Yes, I have decided it is time to make them all Twirly Skirts! Though, I won't be making a Valentine's skirt for the baby on the way since she's not due til April. Well, that and we thought she was a boy for about a month (bad ultrasound picture). LOL! But these 3 shall have a sweetheart twirly skirt for Valentine's Day from Aunt Lori the Great! : )

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