Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart/Watercolor Quilt finished!

I finished the Watercolor Quilt/Valentine's Quilt! I just need to measure it so I can list it on Etsy. I want to redo the pics with my camera, though. We used Natalie's b/c my battery wasn't charged. I'll see how these look but really like the way my old Kodak Easy Share (it's from 2004 & still takes great shots!) takes pics. I've been using my phone mostly b/c my computer doesn't recognize the USB port when I plug in my camera or phone. It's a pain to send a pic to Facebook, transfer to computer, then edit & upload. Isn't that crazy! Just 10 years ago all I could do was take a picture & send it to be developed when I finished the roll! How easily we get spoiled!

Without further blah, blah, blah, I present the quilt:

It's double sided. I think it's about 42" square. Will measure tomorrow & list on Etsy. 

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