Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Sash or not to Sash, that is the question.

I cut a bunch of charm squares (5" squares of fabric) using my nifty Sizzix 5" square cutter out of leftover fabrics I had in semi-coordinating colors. Bright colors. VERY BRIGHT. I'd thought I might list packs of charm squares for sale, but decided these weren't my best attempt at cutting them right. I hadn't ironed all the fabric, so some was wrinkled when I cut it, then when I ironed it after cutting, it was bigger than when wrinkled. Not good. Still, they were fine for me to use & adjust to the right size. Then I saw this video done with 10" squares. It's Suzanne McNeil from Design Originals. She has a very southern accent. Mine isn't that strong (if you haven't heard my voice). She sounds like someone's grandma or aunt. I'm sure she's "Aint Suzayn" to someone the way my mom is "Aint Jane" (Aunt Jan). LOL!

The light went off and I thought, "I could use 5" squares!" And so I did! This is what I came up with:

Here's another view of all 5 rows/columns in 2 pics. Sorry these are a tad blurry. My MIL has our camera as she just took it on her HONEYMOON!!!
This will need a border or two. But the question I'm stuck on is: does it need sashing? It's meant to be scrappy/eclectic. But, does it need something to break up the squares? If you aren't familiar with quilt terms sashing is a strip of fabric between fabric squares. Something like this borrowed from How to Quilt :

Here is the same type quilt without sashing:

Of course, with all crafts & art, 99% of the decision as to how to make things is opinion. Some people like sashing, some don't. Also, some people like brights, some don't. On our quilt shop hop, my friends Kathy, Danette & I discovered that we were all drawn to different types of fabric. K's & D's style is more similar in some areas than my style would be (they like the classic deep floral look), yet in other ways, K & I had very similar tastes (we both love batiks and rich jewel tones especially). Danette also likes polka dots!

Knowing that, I'd like to get opinions about my bright quilt as far as sashing or no sashing. IF you think I need sashing, do you think one solid color (and which one) or a more subtle print picking up the variety of colors? What color/type of border/s would you use?



Traci M said...

Hi Lori...I had to come see your quilt! My first thought is it needs sashing, to break up the pattern and to help the eye see each square. And black or a rich regal tone in purples or deep blues (to march some of your colors in your quilt) would help to ground the bright squares. Pretty prints...and I know you are just looking for opinions, and I am not a quilter, but that is my thought.

Peggysuez said...

Those bright colors came out so pretty! I didn't know that was the question for the day and I got sort of nervous, but I'm settling down now, whew! Okay, my vote is yes, sash it. It will look a bit like a stained glass window if you do.

ryderpa said...

I think the sashing would look better, too. You do such gorgeous work, Lori!!!

Grace said...

Lori, I agree with Traci & Peggysue. It does need something to allow you to see the patterns of each square. Beautiful bold bright colors!

Miss Iowa said...

Since it looks kinda like a crazy quilt to me, I would vote no sashing. But maybe, like a crazy quilt, you could use a variety of stitches and thread color to do your top stitching?

One Picky Family said...

Sash. or you could match up blocks with the same the circle parts in order to make a whole circle out of 4 squares. That totally doesn't make sense.

April Carroll said...

Sash it! I would do it in a bright red!

April Carroll said...

Sash it in a bright red!