Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stars, Stripes and Bombs Bursting in Air!

I have had this patriotic fabric for YEARS. I got it when the girls were little enough to wear something made out of it. They are SO beyond those years. Of course, I would still totally wear something made out of a funky print! LOL!

This is the beginning of a table topper. I'll make one more square, then add a backing and quilt it. I'll bind it and list it on etsy. Hopefully can finish by Monday or Tuesday. I'm also going to make a patriotic rag quilt, so be on the lookout for that. If you'd like to visit my etsy shop to see what's in store, just click here: Lori's Etsy.

Our air conditioner is out (thankful to borrow 2 window units), so I am one hot mama wishing you a wonderful day!

NOTE: If you sew something with a one way design (notice the fireworks "spray" downward), be sure to have your fabric facing the right way. I discovered on my 2nd set of these that I'd turned one piece so the fireworks went sideways! Might be cool in real life, but not on fabric. LOL!

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BethH said...

Love love the fabrics! They really pop and crack! What a sparkle your table will be with this hot runner on it!! Your guest will think it's da bomb for sure! Happy 4th coming up!!!