Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilt 2, which is really quilt 1, part 1

Because it is after midnight and my husband is sleeping in the same room with my computer (okay, so it IS the bedroom) and he says my keyboarding wakes him up (though he can't hear anything else) and because I've been dealing with an asthmatic child the past 2 days and because my kidney hurts and the doctor did NOT call me back yet and because I'm tired of this run on sentence, I am going to end it. Actually, I'm going to post a couple of pictures for you of the wonderful surprise quilt we made. Well, the making it wasn't a surprise. The recipient was. I can't can hardly wait to share the story with you!

Except there is a problem. I can't get the picture uploader to open. Come back later and I'll try again!

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