Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eating holes in a quilt

If you haven't seen Natalie's quilt, check it out here:

Here's a picture:
Well, look at the top row, in the middle, then down several rows from that. Looks fine, right? NOT if you'd been in my dream last night. I have Smith dreams. It's on my dad's side. One of my dd's does this, too. We have the wildest, craziest dreams. Some would say it's medicine we take causing them. I don't buy that as we've done this all our lives.

I posted this quilt last night & already have a bid on it. I went to sleep thinking about it, I guess, as it was in my dream. Apparently, I had a thing for eating quilts. They tasted REALLY good in my dream. I pretty much ruined another one buy eating it. Then, I ate holes in THIS one. I made nice big circles, but the edges looked like someone had used pinking sheers rather than teeth, as they were zig-zag shaped. I thought, "Oh, my word! What have I done? Someone has already bid on this and now I need to fix this!" I had no idea how I was going to fix it. That's when I woke up. In my dream, at least. So, I'd had a dream in a dream. In the dream after I woke up (in the dream--ha, ha), I breathed a huge sigh of relief and thought, "I am SO glad that was just a dream."

I told Natalie about it this morning. She asked, "What were you, a rat?" The day went on & I'd not thought of it again. Until I started browsing blogs. I found a blog post about repairing holes in quilts---made by mice! The post was from Friday but I didn't see it until about an hour ago. Is that not the weirdest thing? Here's the blog post: Holes in Quilts

Do you ever have weird dreams? I dream in living color. What is LIVING color anyway? Remember when tv's were just coming out in color & the ads for shows or movies would say, "In LIVING color." Anyway, I dream in color and in detail. I cannot count the times I've dreamed I was pregnant. No, I am not. Or times I was trying to find the "right" man, and I'd meet different people (usually I'd known in real life) and it wasn't the RIGHT one until I found Phil at the end of the dream. I also dream about losing my kids in busy places. I still worry about that in real life & they are 12 & 14. OH, another recurring theme is that I am teaching in Waco again. I am always late & always in trouble. I really didn't care for the administration when I taught in Waco. Sometimes I will dream we are in Africa, but we go between here & there in my dream.

Who knows, maybe tonight I will dream about posting on my blog!

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Miss Iowa said...

I'm surprised that you were able to take even one bite of that quilt. With those legs it could have run away from you easily. BAA HAHA HA!