Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mom's Day Gift for MIL.

I made bags for my mom & MIL for Mother's Day. I have had this fabric for my MIL for a few years. It's panels & then I found the coordinating print. I still have 2 more so she may get pillows for Christmas! She is the Bird Lady. She has over 30 birdhouses (maybe over 40) in her backyard. She has a few bird feeders, too. Since she lives right on the lake (well, right BY the lake---LOL!), there's always a nice breeze so sitting out birdwatching, even in the summertime, is a nice activity.

These are the front and back of the bags.

I did free motion quilting on these. Here is a close up. If you click on the picture it should enlarge it.

Here is the inside.

What I thought was the most cool thing about this, though, was right after I quilted. You can't see this part on the bag, so I took pictures before I sewed it together. Since I stitched as if I were drawing around the images, THIS is what showed up on the back of each front/back panel.

I checked a book out from the library recently that was about quilting on the back side of your quilt. Basically, they suggest using a fun print with some type of design that you could quilt around on the back. You just go around the design (ie flowers, triangles, etc.) on the back and on the FRONT you have a cool quilted look like this bag has on the inside!

Will post later with my Mom's bag.

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