Friday, October 1, 2010

i-Pad bag, Beta Version

Seems everywhere you look there is a new "i" product. I-pod, I-phone, I-pad. Collectively I call it i-junk (or other fitting words). I (meaning Lori, not "I") have a free phone from AT&T. I would LOVE to have i-junk, actually, but since I have a hard enough time using the tiny keys on my phone, might be just as well I don't. However, I know that a lot of people are technologically more advanced than I am and love their "I-junk." : ) I asked a friend if she'd like me to make her an "i-pad bag" in exchange for some stamps. I find it a fair trade. LOL!

Now you know when a new computerized anything comes out there is always an initial version that has more kinks that my knotted hair. In the sewing world, I might call this my sample. Since this is a bag for a computer, though, I have to call it the beta version. You know the beta version has to get "bettah" (since this is for a Mac product, though, not a Bill Gates---I mean Microsoft---product it might not need as much work).

I could tell you the following pictures were adjusted on Photoshop with the Blur feature, but truth is I didn't take the best pics.OOPS!

This is the initial bag without a button on it. It will have some kind of closure on it. I like the basic design. Am not sure if the size is correct so will take this one to my friend on Tuesday & let her see if the ipad fits into it. The batting I have right now is way too thick, which is probably good for padding for the ipad, but it makes everything bulky. Gotta figure out a better way to do that. Also, I think a might want to use flannel for the lining to keep the screen from getting scratched.

I like the idea of the flap like this. My friend showed me one similar to this type closure. Improvements for the flap: make the wide part at the top come down over the front more.

Pocket may be a bit too big. I might reduce that size. I think having the pocket there will help protect the screen a bit more than just the bag.

Side handle: I like this concept. It is WAY too thick, though, and was hard to sew. Stitching through this much fabric doesn't result in a nice looking product, either, IMO. I will also add a removable shoulder strap. Need to figure out exactly how that will work. Long enough that it can be used as a sling bag, I think.

Zipper. Oh, this is awful. This was a zipper I got from my MIL's stash. She's giving up sewing for the most part & I'm collecting all her unwanted pieces. It had a funky plastic piece on the end. It wouldn't allow me to sew the ends closed. So I just cut that thing off and was going to sew it at the end to hold it closed. Of course, I decided this AFTER it was sewn to the bag. The zipper started to come open from the end! YIKES! I tried stitching just at the end, but it kept opening more. I wasn't about to tear out the zipper, so I just kept stitching. You know how a rolling snowball keeps growing? Well, I've heard it does. I wouldn't know living in South Texas! Yes, I sewed this "lovely" zipper. Lesson: get the right sized zipper & don't cut off any parts. DUH! Maybe it's the lesson to not sew too late at night, also.

What do you think so far? The fabric I'll use for my friend's bag is REALLY Cute. I can't wait to show you that one all made up, when I get to that point!

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