Thursday, October 14, 2010

Countdown to Craft Fair = Messy house!

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm messy. Organizing doesn't come naturally to me. At all. Well, I can micro-organize. Give me a tub of ribbon & I'll color coordinate it then sort it by size & shape. But a living room or dishes overflowing in the kitchen? Uh-uh. Gotta work extra hard to figure that kind of sorting out. It drives my dad crazy. No, he doesn't live in our house. He just doesn't like it messy at anyone's house.

Today my folks stopped by earlier than expected. I was still sleeping after being up ultra late prepping for the first craft fair on Saturday. I set my alarm, but they arrived before it went off. Isn't there a fairy tale that happens that way? Anyway, he told me later that my house was messier than it's ever been. He's right. It is. That's because it was 2 days before my first craft fair (did I mention that?). I intended to meet them at the door & explain this before they walked in, but alas, they arrived too soon (I think I mentioned that, too).

I thought I would show my readers why my house was messier than ever (now that we are in the packing stage, it is getting into boxes & off the other open spaces, which I knew would happen). You can click to enlarge any pictures.

For weeks now I've been cutting out fabric & sewing. I believe the fabrics get married & have babies overnight. What do you think? Notice the games that haven't been put away? My table is blocking the cabinet. The table will be in the van tomorrow night, so I expect games to be put away.

Natalie has been working on several projects. She's made mini-food items out of polymer clay (Sculpey). She's made some really cut items. Along the way it involved packets of clay spread out, using the toaster for clay rather than food, and room for things to dry once she glazed them.

Natalie also made some really cute things out of glycerine soap. Notice the stack of fabric things behind her? Tater bags. Totes hanging in the right top of the picture. Spray on adhesive for quilting on the floor. A box of stamping magazines to sort through & pass along. A bag from MIL of craft stuff she doesn't want anymore. And toilet paper. : )

Those tater bags I've been working on. Dear Kathy took a bunch of stuff & trimmed threads & pressed things for me yesterday before she left for chemo!

And some stray books. And Bethany's box of colored pencils.

Finally, sometimes you find yourself stooping to hiring children to help finish work. These girls work for fried chicken, soda & donuts. Just sayin'. They're pretty efficient, too.

Deer corn. It's what's for dinner. Well, only for the deer. Or in this case, it's what you put in your hot/cold therapy neck bags.

I've vacuumed twice today. Now there are soap scraps on the floor, so I will vacuum again in the morning. Then again after we get the rest picked up. The table will go into the van. The tater bags, soaps, piggy wands, and more will also find their way into the van. The living room will resume some sense of normalcy. And if my family will learn to put clothes away instead of going through the piles of clothes on the couch & dumping folded clothes in with the unfolded ones, we might even be able to sit on that tomorrow night!

We can at least hope.

Thanks for touring my messy house with me. I'll take pictures at the Craft Fair on Saturday to see how it all looks in a booth.


Katie Renz said...

Have fun at your show and those little food stuffs are the cutest!

ashjoy said...

Glad you did so well at the fair!

Anonymous said...

Love it!
You should do an online craft fair...
Just list it all on your blog and see what orders you generate. I'm just sayin. I'll post it on my blog and I bet others would too!