Monday, September 27, 2010

Microwave corn on the cob made PERFECT

If you are tired of hearing about these amazing baking bags, you REALLY need to try one & you'll see why I am so excited! Tonight's new adventure was corn on the cob. 4 ears fit in that bag! 5 might, but I only have 2 kids whose ears I could try (though I should've used dh's since his hearing could only be improved). Just kidding! 4 ears of CORN went into that bag. We shucked them, rinsed them, and tucked them into the amazing veggie microwave baking bag. Tater Sack sounds cuter, but it does SO many veggies, I'm learning, plus more. 10 minutes on high. I thought they needed a tad more, so added 2 minutes. WOW! YUMMY! Now, if I'd remembered to put my Pampered Chef corn cob nobs on BEFORE cooking it would have made life perfect.

Seriously, I hope to sell a BUNCH of these at my craft fairs, or to anyone who wants one. Cooooooool beans! Okay, beans might not be the right choice as they probably wouldn't work in the bag. Still WAY COOL! : )

Stop for thanksing by. THat's what happens when your brain & hands don't communicate.


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Cassie said...

Are you going to put the leftovers in your etsy, Lori? Just wondering. . .they sound like great gifts :D