Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 bags & Craft Fair Preview

Opinions wanted, please!!!

I would LOVE feedback on these items. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in at a Craft Fair or think others might be. You can comment here, send me an e-mail, or leave a reply on facebook.

Craft Fair season is upon us and my first one is in less than 2 weeks! ACK!!!! I have been furiously ATTEMPTING to get some things finished so I can have several of each type item ready to sell. I see all kinds of ideas online, at stores, in magazines, etc. I've opted to sort through those and find only the ones that seem to me useful, sell-able and easily reproducible. Oh, yes, and profitable. Of course, my primary focus is on Loribelle Bags. Because I do make custom bags, I want to have a good sampling of different styles available, and hope I can get an album of some sort put together by the 25th to show some I've made. Here are 2 I just finished (these are quick shots, so need to retake pics for Etsy):

Here are more of my "Funky Chicken" pincushions, but these are unstuffed and blind. Natalie arranged them as an "army of chickens." When I asked why they were fighting, she said, "Well, the ones with pink ribbons are fighting breast cancer. Smart kid I have!
Next, I've made some "Cone Cozies" or ice cream cone drip catchers. My kids need these! Now if I could find some Gluten free sugar cones. Guess I'll have to make my own.

I decided I'll set up one area as a "Cozy Corner" and will put can cozies there, too. I'm not loving the stitching on these, but I like the idea. Couldn't find a can, so I used a leftover cup from Taco Bell. Why hasn't someone thrown this away since Sunday? What kind of mom lets her kids leave cups around? Oh, yeah, my kind. LOL!

Another pincushion. Needs a button on the top in the middle.

My favorite. I THINK I read about these somewhere, but until Saturday I never thought much of them. On Saturday a lady at the quilt shop told me she had a friend who made "Tater Bags" for a craft fair and sold 50 of them at $15 EACH by 10 a.m. I don't think I'll get $50 made, and I'll only charge $10 I think, but HELLO! That could pay some bills! I started reading about these things & got a bit panicked. Several people mentioned theirs catching on fire, melting, etc. What I found is that you must use 100% cotton in ALL materials (fabric, batting & thread). Today I took potatoes to our homeschool co-op where we have small microwaves, not super powerful. I just washed off the potatoes, patted dry & placed in the bags. I cooked them per micro instructions (which means I hit the button marked "potatoes" in this case). This was the FLUFFIEST potato I'd ever had! This thing is great. No pricking the potato and it keeps it nice & moist b/c it's damp when you put it in the bag & the bag heats it evenly, plus makes it steam, keeping it moist. The bag will hold about 4 baking potatoes at a time. I liked it so much I stopped at a different quilt store near our co-op & bought some potato print fabric which I want to cut & applique on the bags!
I also have cut out reversible table runners (fall/Christmas) & some casserole carriers. I don't plan to try any NEW crafts but must get these sewn. I also have some cards to put together to have on hand as well. My girls need to make "Pig Wands" which sell like hot cakes.

AND I need to find the parts to my friend's "Basket tree" (she was a Longerberger consultant once upon a time) which she is letting me use for my bags to display. AFter my last craft fair last year I put the pieces somewhere. I know where the pole is but need to hunt for the rest.

Please leave thoughts & opinions! Thanks!


Miss Iowa said...

You goofball. I was the one who told you about the potato bags a long time ago. A friend of my mom's made one for me and I/we LOVE IT. Use it all the time. You can cook 4 potatoes in 10 minutes. Our instructions said to wash the potatoes, dry them, then wrap each one in a paper towel before putting them in the bag.

Grace said...


all of these are awesome, especially the potato bags. I think those would make great Christmas gifts for my family this year. Those purses are just the cutest! You come up with such creative ideas!

Cassie said...

Wow, Lori, it sounds like you have some awesome ideas for your craft fair. I would definitely buy a tater bag, and cup insulators are always a great idea. I love love your bags. . .just beautiful :D

BethH said...

I love the tater bag idea. Too cute and wow! That's amazing. Miss I...4 taters in 10 minutes...that's AWESOME!!!!! Great bags, tots, cushions and cups...even the taco bell cup! :) Go get 'em!!!

Traci M said...

The tater bags sound like a real winner, Lori...I always micro my potatoes and it is easy but like the idea of the bag!
You have cute projects here, amazing bags, and fun ideas...wishing you lots of fun and success!!
How much are you selling the tater bags for?

Anonymous said...

Lori is a goofball Lori is a goofball. lol
I think they are great.
I also thought of an idea for a seat cover... I'll email ya.
Love your work girl!

Anonymous said...

Lori is a goofball Lori is a goofball.... hahaha
Listen - I love your bags. I think change purses, kleenex holders, coozies (or whatever the can holders are called) are great sellers... they are small.
Good luck.
Love ya...