Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Amazing Potato/Sweet Potato/Tortilla/Squash/Corn/Bread Bag!!!!

Did you see this picture in my list of craft fair items? I said it was a potato bag. I think I had used it once. It was amazing for a potato. Then I did a sweet potato in it. Wow. I don't even typically like sweet potatoes! Of course my daughter "doctored" them up with so much brown sugar, cinnamon & butter that I suppose that helped the taste. Still, they were so soft & fluffy.

Well, let me tell you what ELSE this little bag can do. My friend Mary thought about tortillas, so I tried both flour AND corn tortillas in mine today. I had to because my daughter wanted "Mrs. Clark's tacos" (my friend Kathy makes breakfast tacos every time Natalie spends the night there with her girls). Being the kind of mom who lets her kids have ANYTHING they want (that's sarcasm in case you didn't know--ha, ha!), I had to make them. They were SO soft and tender and these were not new tortillas.

Online I have seen some other ideas: Squash (winter squash like acorn or spaghetti), breads, and even corn on the cob! I will have to make some bigger bags to fit the corn in.

While I made my first ones in muslin, I will be making some in prints. I've seen some done in prints, so I guess it's okay to use them. I'm still going to stick to the unprinted ones just in case that color does something funky to my food! Now wondering to myself if there is any gluten in fabric dyes. Hmmmmm.

If you are interested in buying a bag or more, I will take pre-orders. This bag is about 10" wide by 11" tall. I will sell this size for $10. I will be making larger ones for $15, but have not yet determined the size. I need to buy some corn on the cob to see what size these need to be.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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BethH said...

These are just spudtastic! I'm sure they will sell like hot potatoes at your craft bazaars! Love them!