Friday, July 2, 2010

Testing 1, 2, 3

Hello? Is this thing on? It feels like it's been ages since I posted to my craft blog. It has been a few weeks. I have made ZERO cards. ZERO. I did, however, sit and distress edges on images I'd cut and apply them to backings while at chemo with my dear friend Kathy. She did great in chemo, but has had some tummy upset as a result. Things seem to be settling down and she told me she still has her hair (I haven't seen her since last Saturday).

What have I been doing? Sleeping. A lot. Seems I still have fluid in my ears after being on antibiotics since June 9th. I have a call in to get a referral to my ENT. Have to jump through the hoops to see the right doctor. A slight fever along with it has really left me feeling tired. I had big plans to work on lots of homeschooling, but I'm just so tired lately. My older daughter, the one with mild autism, asked me yesterday, "Mom, are you going to nap on my birthday?" Her b-day is July 25th. I told her I didn't know & asked why. "Because I'm getting really tired of you taking naps all the time." Poor thing. I suppose I should tell her we could be doing math instead.

I managed to finish a top I made myself (making clothes for myself at this size isn't nearly as much fun as when I had a waistline). Then realized that even after raising the neckline about 3 inches, it was still too low! My goodness, that would have been at my belly button if I hadn't changed it I suppose! I THINK I've worked out that kink. I love it as I made it with a batik I'd fallen in love with. My younger dd didn't think she'd like that as a top but once I made it she decided it really worked well. I also made some shorts & they are a tad too snug. Again, getting used to sewing using a pattern that is my old size plus 10 or more is challenging! The GOOD thing is that at my age, I think I can make loose tops now & not get asked if I'm pregnant. Plus I'm rounded out all over. About 7 years ago I was congratulated by the librarian for my pregnancy. I wasn't pregnant. I think maybe being large all over beats being medium sized with a bulging belly.

As far as bags, I have 3 that have been SO close to being finished for months now but have not finished them. Soon, I hope! Then, my dork sisters on SCS were talking about rag bags/purses. The funny thing was I had just cut out pieces to make my first ever rag quilt. I asked them what they meant by rag purse & sure enough it was like a rag quilt. So, I went to town cutting out squares for a rag bag! Of course that's what you are supposed to do when you have about 10 other projects going on, 2 friends about to start chemo that you want to help, 2 children in need of homeschooling, and ongoing ear infections! Isn't that right? WHAT? You AREN'T supposed to start a new project right then? Well, NOW you tell me! LOL! Hmmmm, you know, if they'd let me take my sewing machine into the infusion room....okay, maybe not. Projects will wait. Schooling can wait a bit longer. Friends going through chemo cannot wait.

Honestly, when people have asked what our summer plans were, I had been telling them it was my time to help my friend Kathy get to Houston for her doctor appointments and chemo treatments, and I believe that is what God wants me to do this summer (at least every 3rd week). Now another friend has been diagnosed with cancer, had surgery and is about to start chemo (here in town) and I am planning on being with her in the chemo room. I told her I HAVE to go with her as she's my 3rd chemo patient (I went with my MIL & FIL when he had chemo treatments a couple of times). I've also shared with friends that I don't feel like I'm helping much. Kathy & I discussed that in a way, these little jaunts to Houston are breaks for us from our world of 24/7 teaching/parenting. While we have CHOSEN to homeschool, we do need periodic breaks. I just wish she would have found a different way to get us trips to Houston! Kathy, let's go for something like plastic surgery or tummy tucks as our medical need next time, okay?

So, I've not made any cards, not completely finished any sewing projects (I still need to do some trimming on the top I finished sewing), and not even finished crocheting a pot scrubber, which is the easiest thing in the world to crochet. I have however driven a Lexus (it may be '90, but it runs like a dream!) to Houston, found where Clear Lake City is (and met a mechanic there), discovered the world's best fudge at Buc-ee's in Gonzalez, eaten at several really neat restaurants, especially breakfast, with our dear friend Lovely Mary, met & stayed with Mary's wonderful family (and taken design notes from her kitchen), learned how to get around parts of Houston (and been in parts I shouldn't have without a GPS), found the Michael's by Mary's house (sadly I did this the first trip; I'm a sick woman--ha, ha!), and discovered that I no longer have an adverse reaction to Augmentin. In fact, it appears I have little reaction to Augmentin at all. For my next adventure, I hope to see my ENT next week. After a little trip out of town to my MIL's for the 4th of July weekend. Apparently staying home is highly overrated.

Maybe I'll model my new clothes for you soon. If they fit. And don't hang to my belly button. THe neckline that is. I hope the shorts fit around my belly. With that bit of TMI, I will say good bye!


Katie Renz said...

Oh Lori,
You crack me up...I love it! Just wear a tank top under the shirt :) Hope you feel 100% soon.

Miss Iowa said...

Hang in there, Sister! But remember to take care of yourself, too.