Monday, July 19, 2010

Let them use Cake!

Becky & Chris waiting for Baby Karis!

Trust me, this isn't the kind of cake you want someone to eat! This is my first ever Diaper Cake. My dd thought I went a bit overboard with it. Hey, it's my niece's first ever baby. And my niece is an "over the top" kind of gal, so it fit! I made the top 2 layers with size 1 diapers. If I'd been smart, I would have just made the bottom layer out of size 1's also. But I wanted to put in all the diapers we'd bought (this was a gift from my folks & us), so I HAD to put in all the size 2's. So, baby stuff just kind of threw up all over this diaper cake. A fitting analogy, I think. ha, ha!

At the very top was a Winnie the Pooh blanket. When my Natalie was born, my mom bought a thermal blanket for her with Winnie the Pooh on it. Bethany thought it should be hers, so Mom let B. have that one & bought N. another one. When we had a new baby in the family last year, Bethany said, "She has to have a Pooh Blanket." I told everyone at the shower it was a tradition for Smith Babies to have a Pooh Blanket. There was a strange silence until I re-worded this & said, "A WINNIE the Pooh blanket." I guess they thought I meant a "poo" blanket & I don't want to think what that might be! LOL!

Thinking this might be something else I could sell as special orders. Hmmmm. It was SUCH fun making it. I made little hairclips for Baby Karis as well.

I pretty much just added that last line for my new friend Great Aunt Erma, who is really Chris' Aunt Jane! She decided I was Martha Stewart & she's Erma Bombeck! I did tell her my house would never pass the Martha test. Who am I kidding, my house doesn't meet anyone's standards! As the saying goes, "I'm creative. You can't expect me to be neat, too."

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Karen Lynn said...

Lori, the cake looks wonderful. I am glad she was appreciative of the work that went into making it!!

Anonymous said...

You do great work!

Traci M said...

Oh so pretty, wish I could have seen all the little goodies tucked in!! So glad your niece loved it!!