Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to the Boutique

Welcome to the JN Boutique! J & N are the initials of my daughter & her best friend and this is their boutique. All the items are made of quilling paper and wires! These are tiny little items made by some rather small hands. If you click on the picture above and compare the hand to the boutique items you'll see what I mean. The 3rd best friend from this trio, "A," and Natalie (my dd) both love to quill. So, they decided to teach J. how to do it! It's really fun to see the 3 of them doing a craft that has been around for a long time but hasn't been as popular. I think they are helping it make a comeback!

This is the hat and ballet outfit rack. Who wouldn't want a lovely hat to go with a new tutu?

A girl needs to look pretty. Lipsticks and compacts are on display with a mirror, of course.
Earrings for those who prefer hoops. Large hoops. And, girls after my own heart (or at least my business): they made purses! Love the handheld mirrors here, too.

In case you missed it, on the far left of the boutique are dressing rooms. We are of the "try it on before you buy it" thoughts around here.

Should you need anything made of miniature paper rolled up, these are your go-to girls! The JAN quillers! LOL!


Cassie said...

OMGoodness how clever is that!? I love it ;D

Traci M said...

Looks like such a fun boutique, if only I could shrink down like Alice and come for a visit!! Great that the girls have found a craft that they like!!

Miss Iowa said...

A for Adorable!

peggysue said...

Very sweet! I'll shrink down like Traci and come through the door to the Queen's room . . . oh wait, Karen is the queen! Don't want to mess that up! The girls are making some cute things, glad they found something they like to do so much.