Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dresses

I finished the girls' dresses in time for Easter. Woo-hoo! Bethany (left) is so skinny that it's nice for her to have a dress that actually fits. Natalie grows by leaps & bounds, so making one to fit that will hopefully last was the goal. They picked out the patterns & fabric. I had to do some modifying on Natalie's to make it more modest than the pattern. I added several inches at the top & bottom. Looking at it, I should have made it even longer so she could wear it longer.

The sewing machine I have now sews like a dream. Bethany's slippery fabric was tricky for me to keep together, but it went through the machine just fine. Nat's is slippery & stretchy, so I did a zig zag stitch and it also sewed very nicely. I was totally impressed as I've never liked sewing with these fabrics.

I got to get inky tonight, and colored a bit, but didn't cut anything out. I'm hoping to play in some challenges this week AND get some more purses made!

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Cassie said...

Lori, these are AWESOME! Your girls look gorgeous and those dresses are so fabulous! They are lucky to have a mom that does such things for them. My mom always made my Homecoming and Prom dresses, and I loved that. I felt so special being the only girl with that dress ;D

Davis Family said...

Lori - those are fantastic dresses and I love the bluebonnets in the background.
You are just toooooo talented.

Grace said...


Your daughters are gorgeous and those dresses are so beautiful. I can see how their dress styles suit them each so very well.

Karen Lynn said...

Wow! The dresses look great! I can't believe you whipped those up so fast!

Miss Iowa said...

Beautiful dresses, Loribelle! I especially like the bodice on Bethany's. It's so classy and very flattering. Will you make one for me? (Except it would have to have sleeves...)