Thursday, April 22, 2010

THREE new bags!

Wanna hear something funny & dorky? I thought I had posted each of the purses I made on this blog. I put them on my Loribelle Bag Blog, but thought I'd linked them to THIS one, which has all of 5 followers vs. my family blog which has about 2 followers. Yes, I am the most popular blogger of all. Ha, ha!

Anyway, I did get 3 bags finished this week. You can see them all on my bag blog HERE. Also, if anyone missed it, I've posted the Kathy Kraft Carry-All Tote, which is still missing straps, but I'm working on it.
Speaking of Kathy, I don't remember if I posted a picture of her after getting her 3 feet of hair cut off. She has CURLS! It's so cute as people see her as her long hair was pretty straight. They ask how it is to care for & she just grins & says she just lets it dry! So pretty. Today she had appointments with doctors out of town about the cancer. Waiting anxiously to hear what she found out. Please do keep praying. Insurance issues are a nightmare, so I know she'd appreciate prayers all around.

Maybe I can make a card this weekend. That would be nice! Thanks for stopping by!

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