Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The cow did WHAT?

Last Tuesday on the Teapot Tuesday Challenge, Cindy (aka Mothermark) told about her favorite cow, Alicia. Her cow was a contestant in the California Cow contest. However, OUR cow of choice, Kirsten, won the contest. The teapot Cindy chose had a cow jumping over the moon, so Cindy used that to tell us about Alicia and Alicia's brother. You simply MUST read the story HERE, but be sure to scroll down to read my reply to her.

As usual, I STARTED to create a card (if Cindy only knew how many times I planned a card for Tuesday's challenge then didn't get it done), but didn't get to it. I DID ask my daughter Bethany to draw a cow jumping over the moon for me. She typically draws cartoonish, or, um, interesting looking people, but not animals as often. Now, I couldn't draw a stick figure of a horse, so I have no room to talk! When she brought this to me, she said she wasn't really sure what I wanted. I suppose I should show you the black & white version before I "colored" it on Photoshop:

My first thought was that this cow was not jumping but she was touching a very large chocolate chip cookie! I think Kirsten might be a little timid, so jumping just seemed like a bit much. That, or all the cold arctic air she's been living in has caused brain damage. She seems to think the moon is more like a big cookie. Or perhaps she really IS related to me and knows a good thing when she sees it: Jumping is BAD, CHOCOLATE is GOOD! Whatever the cause, I feel certain that she will need to give up her position as California's newest cow star to the runner up, Alicia. Now, THAT would be something to put Cindy over the moon!

What you see on here is not a card (yet), but an amateur Photoshop user trying to make a cow stepping on a chocolate chip cookie look like a cow jumping over the moon. I say I leave the art to my daughter & move on to this week's challenge! LOL!


ashjoy said...

It's much better than I could come up with!

Mothermark said...

Bwahahaha! Okay, before I just take off laughing, let me say that your daughter is really quite talented in her drawing ability! Does she know what the average person's (mine) cow would look like? I am so impressed. Having said that, I do agree with you, and think its a cookie not a moon but I am not surprised as Alicia told me that Kristen is a wimpy girl and likes her chocolate so there ya go!

This is a happy day! If I admit to Kristen winning, can Alicia take her spot today? By the way, you should have posted that part of your story in RED as RED commands peoples attention! Giggle!

This is such a cute image. Your daughter is quite talented, she just either needs to be educated on the difference between a moon and a cookie or she needs to learn how to communicate better with her Chef Mama aka Git 'er done Girl. That's my new nicname for you cuz with regard to Teapot Tuesdays, just Git 'er Done, Girl! Tee Hee