Thursday, February 25, 2010

Annie's Bakery

Natalie made the cutest card for her friend Annie. They both love to quill. Today was Annie's birthday, so one of her gifts from us was a teardrop punch, something we just found at Hobby Lobby that these 2 girls have been trying to find for over a year. Natalie decided to quill a card. Annie wants to be a chef or baker when she grows up. This is a kid I can really appreciate! LOL! Natalie saw this design in a quilling book & decided to make it for her friend.

I made the "cupboards" with "shelves." You'll notice the little quilled items are all just adorable & the shelves are, um, a bit crooked! LOL! Blame that part on me! If you want to see them bigger just click on the pictures.

Thanks for popping into Annie's Bakery today!

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Anonymous said...

So so talented!
I love that..