Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bethany's Birthday Crafts

When we saw this project on a magazine from Hobby Lobby, Bethany thought it would be fun to make. I thought it would be a good birthday craft. I put my 2 girls plus a friend to work cutting up cereal boxes then running them through the Big Kick to cut out faux chipboard flowers. Then I had them pick out some designer papers they thought the girls would like. By the time it was all said & done, I just showed the girls where my dp was, told them the Basic Grey was off limits (you paper crafters will totally understand that!), and let them go. I'm so used to having younger kids doing crafts (from teaching in school and at co-op & just having younger kids come over) that I was afraid I'd have to sit there & show them each how to use the Big Kick. Amazingly, as they get older, they can actually do these things alone and show each other what to do. We didn't get to the little journals Friday night & I thought they could just do those another time. By the time I got up Saturday morning some were cutting and gluing paper, cutting out more flowers with the Big Kick, and making beautiful journals. I love how each pot and each set of flowers shows the girls' individual style. Makes me want to teach a middle school/high school papercrafts class!
All set up!

Hmmmm, which colors do I want?

Choosing their paints.


And more painting!

Looks like they've been busy.

Our friend Sara had to leave early, so we snapped a picture of her with her flowers. Very pretty just like she is!
Good morning sunshine! The final results. Now, can you guess which girls are related? LOL! The birthday girl was still in her "Chinese" pajamas (no clue why she calls them Chinese!).


peggysue said...

Looks like all involved had a good time! Great idea for a party project and really enjoyed seeing all the pics.

BethH said...

totally adorable...You need to market these b-day fun. Looks like the girls had a blast.

Davis Family said...

Yes, that is a great idea that your friend Beth had - you could totally market a party like that. Hell, I'd come!

Love the flowers!