Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The "ROOM"

I took pictures of my craft room. It is not all cute and fun. It is not all organized yet. But it is heading in the right direction. Mostly, it is MINE! Well, mine and my daughters'.

From the door, this is the view. There are 2 windows. I have a white shade ready to put up where the black shade is, though I probably should have left the dark ones up to keep out the heat. My table is there and will stay there. The white boxes on the right have held sewing stuff for years. I am going to reorganize all my sewing things and think I might use those drawers for stamping stuff. The bluish purple and the aqua drawers currently hold stamping stuff. I bought the Janome sewing machine a few years ago. My big heavy Viking machine, about 30 years old, just wasn't working well anymore. I'd love to eventually have a better machine, but this one is simple & will be good for the girls as they learn to sew. Natalie (10) has actually made her own pj pants already using this.

To the left of the table/room are my semi-organized stamping supplies. Still trying to figure out the best arrangement for that. Bethany's dollhouse that we made (almost finished, still lacks some parts) is on top of the shelves.

Not sure why the vacuum cleaner is still in there, but I guess it's a motive to clean! LOL!

To the right of the room/table. Apart from the blue/purple drawers, this is mostly sewing supplies/fabric. This is where we'll eventually put in a table for Bethany to use for artwork. Natalie can use my table or Bethany's, but Bethany is the "artist" who, like her mom, tends to spread out as she works, thus the need for a table.

Example A. Bethany is working on a project.

Below you can see the closet. The boxes on the left are SOME of Bethany's art "supplies". We need to go through those & purge them AGAIN. We did that before packing, but we really need to sort out what she has & decide if she is going to keep it. The other end of hte cabinet has more of those cheap plastic shelves. Don't you love the duct tape look on them? That would be my husband's creative hand at work to keep them together when we moved them.

Thanks for taking a little tour of my craft room with me. Hopefully it will be taking shape but mostly I hope lots of loving will pour forth from this room to encourage others.


Cassie said...

Yay for you! I can't wait to see it when you get it all done ;D

BethH said...

YIPPY! I'm so glad you have a house where y ou have space for your crafts.! This will be awesome for you and the girls!

One Picky Family said...

My craft room/storage room is always a work in progress! So glad you have a nice place to craft and for your girls to use as well.

Tricia said...

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I really miss my craft room. It left when we moved and now I just have a corner of the master bedroom. Enjoy it for me!!