Friday, June 26, 2009

Nuggets of Wisdom

I LOVE this tutorial from Clear Dollar Stamps: Nugget Box with Money There are several cute ways to give money listed, but scroll down to find the Nugget Box. I made this for the son of some friends who just graduated from high school. I told his mom to be sure he doesn't throw away the wrappers without looking carefully. You'll see why as you read on!

I altered my box by using Five Dollar bills rather than ones, and learned some lessons along the way. Also, I don't have the stamp set "Sweet Jesus" (YET) but it is on my wish list. I used the computer for my words instead.

In the tutorial, the directions show to fold the ends of the dollar bill to meet in the middle. I found that on the $5 bill, Abe isn't centered. If you fold the ends to the middle you get this:
To avoid that, you need to fold the ends off center, putting Mr. Lincoln in the middle: So you end up with a nugget like this:

After wrapping all 6 nuggets, I wanted to add some real nuggets of Wisdom from God's Word. This also was part of the fun as I disguised the money. They fit perfectly into these boxes from Clear Dollar Stamps.

To fill in the little space, the tutorial tells how to make a spacer. I thought it was the perfect spot to hide some more money, and being a graduation gift, I decided to make a scroll.

Finally, I added the computer generated words and a bit of ribbon. I thought a knot was more "boy-like" than a bow.

Hope he enjoys opening it as much as I enjoyed making it. I am thrilled to have my craft room almost ready to occupy for real. Even having all my things in one room and working on the floor is a MAJOR improvement from having to move things around each time I stamped. I sold some stamps on ebay last week & ordered some new ones. Can't wait for more "play time!"


Tricia said...

This is such a neat gift!!! I'm sure someone was thrilled to receive it!!

BTW, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

BethH said...

That is sooo cute! Love it! How fun to wrap up Lincoln's around the nuggets. Great idea!