Friday, January 23, 2009

An Inaugural Tribute---to the Dress!

On Tuesday, on Splitcoast Stampers on the Travelin' Dork Sisters thread, we didn't talk politics. However, I dared to bring up the TRULY hot topic of the day: Michelle Obama's dresses! LOL! It started when my niece posted on her blog that she was totally impressed with "Mrs. President's" choice of dress (the day dress). I had not been home that day so hadn't seen the dress prior to that. I thought the dress itself was pretty, but I didn't quite understand the green gloves and teal shoes. It appears that I am just an old fuddy-duddy who doesn't "get" fashion, and that is not new news! After all, I was in my "hay day" when Laura Ashley & all things floral ruled the fashion world.

So, I issued a challenge to the dork sisters to create a card based on one of Mrs. Obama's dresses. Then another dork shared this link (I hope this works): where you can see inaugural gowns from several former first ladies in addition to the current one. I don't think the dorks thought I was serious, but here it is! I have a plan for the evening gown as well.

For the record, I have decided I do like the light yellow/gold with the olive green, but I still don't like teal in the mix. Yeah, I know, fuddy duddy!

I thought the Textile CB plate was PERFECT for the brocade look. I would have preferred to add tiny pearls somewhere since the brocade looked a bit pearly to me on her dress. I didn't have any so it's stickles instead. I don't have the nesties labels, so I made a template & cut my own!

Go ahead & try making a card using an inaugural gown as your inspiration! It's really fun!

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