Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Chef Mama Crafting?

Hi! I'm busy with life. As most of you know my dear friend Kathy will be having a mastectomy next Monday, so my heart & mind are consumed with thoughts of her. My girls & I are also going to Houston hoping to be able to keep Kathy's girls' minds off their mom with some activities. This week is "standardized testing" week here, so it's been up early every day and no regular homeschool. With that & next week in Houston, let's just say that May 17th will bring a rude awakening to these girls! LOL!

Anyway, I've been doing bits & pieces of crafting. I am hoping to get some Mom's day cards made for our moms at least. I have put some bags on my Loribelle Bags Blog, but think I put them all here, too. I have 2 more getting close to done, but also have some orders now, so those may take a back seat.

My first order was for a geocaching bag. Here it is:
Cute, huh? What? Not so cute? Oh, maybe you need to see the REST of it.
There, now, isn't that better? LOL! I actually just cut this out today. It is a from scratch bag with different compartments so I have done some calculating to make sure I cut this just right. What you see in the first picture is the "main frame" of the purse. That box is inside out right now, but will be the outside of the bag. The stripe will be used for the inside of the flap and one of the separators inside. The paisley will be used some inside, but the solid light blue will be the main lining and more of the separators. One of our dear "Dork Sisters," Joyce, has started the geocaching bug with several of the dorks. This bag, if I understand correctly, will hold a gps, cell phone, flashlight, "gives and takes" (no clue here!), books & papers, and bug spray! I'm going to make the strap adjustable so if one of the kids wants to carry it the strap should adjust to fit.

Now THIS pile is the "rest of the story" in bagland.
Yes more of that green & pink print! If you can see the bit of batik, I'm making another ruffled bag with that. The print will actually be a purse. That purple liquid is an amazing spray I bought at Hancock Fabric that you use instead of spray starch. It works just as well but leaves no residue. I love it!

Yes, everyone has 2 pairs of sewing scissors on the table at a time! Well, maybe not. The big orange ones are my pinking shears. That's the zigzag scissors for you non-sewers. You might see something near & dear to all of your hearts on this table, though. STAMPS! You just can't go too far in this house without running into some stamps. I do love to make a good impression. Bwahahahahaha!

Hopefully I'll be able to make some good impressions for our moms before Saturday when we are going to see them!

Thanks for dropping in!


BethH said...

Very cute! I think you are off to a good geocaching start on this bag!

Lindam530 said...

Beautiful fabric...she will LOVE it!!!

Karen Lynn said...

Look forward to seeing the finished product!

~*Leona*~ said...

Lori - I am so excited. Gives and Takes are basically the swag that is in the caches. If we do multipal caches and we take things we must also leave things - so having separate compartments I hope will help us not to have to 'dig' so much. I can not wait to see the finished bag :)

Anonymous said...

excuse me ma'am... what exactly is a geocaching bag?
I have to know! lol
love ya!

peggysue said...

The geocaching bag, the latest in bag trends, you have started something!