Thursday, April 2, 2009

Donny Osmond's Socks

If you are old enough, you know what word comes to mind when you hear "Donny Osmond's Socks." If you are too young, you are now asking, "Who is Donny Osmond and do I WANT to know about his socks?" Or you may be wondering, "Is he related to that girl who passed out during Dancing with the Stars?" Why yes, yes he is.

Donny Osmond in his teenage years was a heartthrob for some young girls. He wore PURPLE socks. Why? I have no idea. But all girls between age 8 and 18 knew that Donny Osmond wore purple socks.

That is what came to mind when I saw the Guest Designer Challenge for Clear Dollar Stamps last week. The theme was purple. When I pulled out all my purple papers I could not help but think, "Wow, flash back to the 70's & Donny Osmond's socks!"

I submitted 3 different items. Didn't win the contest, but I had fun making these! I'll just put the pictures today & when I have a chance will do another post with the dorky stories to go along with these items.

Unlike these cards, which probably will look pretty worn out in 30 plus years, look how well this now GRANDFATHER has aged:
Feeling a need to break into, "Puppy Love" or "I'm a little bit Rock & Roll?"


LLB said...

Lori...this cracked me up! I definitely remember Donny back then, but not the purple socks. BUT! Your purple socks are beautifully handcrafted! And so are your purple cards! Love 'em!

Chef Mama said...

Oh, Linda, I wish those were MY handcrafted socks. Someone posted them online & they came up when I searched for images of Donny Osmond's purple socks. I was laughing as I saw those old pictures of him & Marie online! Good memories!

BethH said...

Oh, I certainly remember Donny's purple socks......wowzer! Seems just like yesterday. Great socks, by the way (even if they are not yours LOL), and great cards! I LOVED the Donny and Marie show!!

Toni said...

that is too too funny...donnie's purple socks...i love your you remember the de franco family?

Lois said...

I remeber the purple socks!! I WORE purple socks. Yep had a major crush on the guy.
Love your socks!! You can knit me a pair any time. COurse I don't know that you knit. Okay you can crochet a pair. That would be interesting. LOL!!
Your cards are too cute too. And it stinks that you didn't win!!

peggysue said...

Hey, you need a pair of purple socks? Talk to a knitter! :) The cards were great. And very, very purple!

Mary said...

Oh, my gosh- Donny Osmond- the LOVE of my life!!! I wore purple socks...and was proud of it! :)
Your cards are great!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane- now I need to go pull out my vinyl records and play me a little Donny!!