Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Washed out

Here are fabrics that have been washed out & boiled out. I'm losing dye somewhere. I rewatched my class on wax resist and dyeing so will try something new next time. I was combining what I learned for that class with what I learned in my class for just dyeing (without any resist). Anyway, here are the results after all the steps.
Faded. Even lighter in person than in the picture. 

Funny story: I couldn't find my jalapeƱo cookie cutter to make a potato stamp. I thought I had it, but it turned out to be a goldfish. So, I used the goldfish but added some extra leaves on about half of this piece. Then I found the pepper stamp, which made the goldfish peppers look like red carrots. Oh, well! 

Better, but lime green isn't what I was going for. 

Not at all what I wanted for flowers, teacups & teapots. Might overdye this one. 

Cool fall design, but colors are kind of weird. 

I tried using lace as a resist. Not a good thing. This one is really a deeper purple & a cool look after overdyeing it in deep purple. 

This is closer to maroon in real life. Weird. 

Tried using a water based resist & painting in Texas. Where it didn't run past the resist it looks cool. Otherwise, you have Texas with Arkansas, Louisiana, Mexico , New Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico. LOL! 

I will either redye some of these or just use them where I can. Trial & error. 

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