Friday, June 11, 2010

True's Blog Candy

True from True's Gifts from the Heart, has a huge blog candy giveaway going on right now. Here's a picture of some of what she's giving away.

You can enter by going here:

The first time I saw True's was on the Clear Dollar Stamps Design Team. She not only designs cards for CDS but also designs images. However, I had seen her talent prior to that without realizing it. There was a card on ebay that sold for some astronomical amount like $70 or $90 (at least in my mind that's what I think it sold for! LOL!) & I thought, "WOW, this crafter is one talented person!" When I visited True's blog the first time I saw the card (if you watch the slideshow at the top, it's the one with the pumpkin) & thought, "OH! She's a CDS gal!"

If you would like to add True to your prayer list, I read that she has just had surgery & will be out of commission for about 6 weeks (at least from work & such).

Thanks to Stampin' Em for posting this on her blog! I don't get to check everyone's blogs, so I'm glad she had it posted today!

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she dreams big! said...

Hi Lori! I'm really late in returning a comment but thanks so much for your sweet comment concerning selling my bags on etsy. Still haven't decided yet but I have dreams! Your bags are so cute too! Does etsy really need another bag store? Wish someone would just come to my house and say 'I'll take them all and keep sewing!' lol