Friday, August 21, 2009

My Red Hat Mom!

My mom has been part of the Red Hat Society for several years. My parents celebrated their 54th anniversary yesterday and my dad decided to give my mom the Red Hat Apron I made. Here's a picture of her modeling her new apron:
It's a bit fuzzy, but I think she looks smashing in her new attire! Of course, now we all want to go eat some of Mammaw's good cooking!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


Traci M said...

Your Mom does look smashing, and how sweet of your Dad to get that for her!! What a pretty picture, Lori!

Miss Iowa said...

Your mom is soooo cute! Love how she's modeling the apron. LOL! Congratulations to your folks on making it to 54 years.

BethH said...

Oh, that is adorable! I love it and she IS a cutie. You guys resemble each other...sweet, sweet! 54 years....what a great example to us all!