Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Clean Sweep

Do you love the idea of a Swiffer Sweeper? I especially love the concept of the Wet Mop Swiffer. It seemed like such a good idea to be able to just toss away the little sheets and not have to wring out the mop every few steps. Then reality hit and I realized that buying a box of those little sheets adds up! AND they don't hold up as well as I'd like them to. A friend of mine suggested making a reusable cover and sent me directions.

This is my Mop Cover for mops/brooms such as Swiffer. It just slides on. It has ridges to really scrub the floor. When one side gets dirty, turn it inside out and use the other side! Then toss it in the wash for next time.

I will be selling these for $5 a piece. That's less than a box of disposable covers! These will be available is several different colors. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in trying this out!

Note: I've been asked about the size of this & which type of sweeper it fits. This one fits my standard Swiffer Sweeper, 10" long by 4.5" wide. I can make them to fit any length and width. My mom suggested I make them long edge wrap around a bit like the ends, so I will be adding that to make these fit. They will shrink some when washed because they are 100% cotton, but will fit tight and stretch a bit during use.


BethH said...

I'm going to e-mail you about these. Not sure if they will fit my mop but I want 2. It looks like these eare smaller but I'll measure my mop and see. These areGREAT!

LLB said...

Hi Lori...come visit my blog -- I've a surprise for you! ; )